About Linkhills Medical Centre

Link Hills Medical Centre is your convenient, family-friendly healthcare facility, situated in the beautiful area of Waterfall. Being a Syntro-P Health Centre of Excellence, we provide comprehensive, world-class medical expertise in a friendly and warm environment and we are proud to serve our community.

There are currently 4 Family Practitioners, 3 Registered Nurses, a Dentist and an Oral Hygienust, Physiotherapist and Ampath Laboratory depot that are situated on the premises.

The centre opened its doors on 1st December 1994 and has evolved into a fully-fledged medical centre that currently houses 7 Family Practitioners, 2 registered nursing sisters, a dentist and oral hygienist, a physiotherapist and an Ampath laboratory depot.

We pride ourselves on being patient-centric and try and deal with each patient as if they were our own family. Having been operating for more than 25 years, we have built up a reputation of being caring and empathetic, and enjoy being part of the close-knit community of Waterfall and surrounds.

We have seen newly borns growing up to have young families of their own and enjoy the long-standing relationships we have with our patients.



The practice has been operating on the same premises for nearly 25 years, and during this time has built up an excellent reputation of providing quality care.

We have never advertised our services and prefer to see new patients based on word of mouth referral.

We provide consulting services, perform small procedures and joint injections, ECGs, lung functions and 24 hour BP monitoring.


More than 87% of all our patients are on medical aids that we are contracted to.

What this means for patients is that once you have been seen, your claim is delivered to your medical aid electronically free of charge by the practice and we will accept payment from the medical aid directly.

Nothing more for you to do.


Contact our friendly front-desk staff to make an appointment.

Tel: 031-763 3834

Email: office@linkhillsmedical.co.za

Address: 2 Niagara Drive, Waterfall, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa



Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 7.30am - 05.00pm
Saturday: 08.00am - 1200pm
Sunday: CLOSED
Linkhills Medical Centre voted best Medical Practitioner / Dentist 2022 bin the Highway Mail Readers Choice Awards.