Frequently Asked Questions - Link Hills Medical Centre

Q: How long has the centre been open?

The Link Hills Medical Centre opened in December 1994. There are currently seven Family Practitioners, a dentist and physiotherapist that run practices out of the offices.

There is also an Ampath Laboratory that operates out of the centre as well.

Q: Can I just arrive for an appointment or do I need to make an appointment?

We do understand that sometimes it is not possible to make an appointment and that accidents and emergencies happen and we would like you in these circumstances to come straight through to the rooms where our doctors and nursing staff will triage you and assist with emergency care.

In all other cases where possible, please try and make an appointment when seeing us. This will assist us in not having to double book patients which creates a situation where booked patients need to wait.

Q: Do you need new patients to come in a little earlier?

When seeing us for the first time there will be some paper work to complete. If you are able to arrive a few minutes before your booked time, this will assist our staff immensely. If you would like to download and print out this form to enable you to complete it before you come in you can access the form here.

Q: How does the billing work if I bring in both my children to be seen?

Each patient that is seen by the doctors will be consulted on an individual basis. Each patient will have their own history taken and will be physically examined and medication prescribed according to what is needed.

Each patient will therefore be charged for individually by the doctor at the current consultation rate. Injections, vaccines, procedures and materials will be billed for separately. 

Q: Do you request payment up front when a patient is seen?

Around 78% of all the patients we see are on medical aid with about 22% paying cash. In terms of the cash paying patients not on medical aid, we would ask for all accounts to be settled at the time of the visit. Please request an invoice or statement so that you can use this to claim back your medical expenses from tax.

Of those 78% of patients on medical aids, we deal with around 87% of their medical aids directly and are contracted to them for payment. This means that we will bill the medical aid at their current reimbursement rate for all consultations, procedures, materials and injectables. If we are not contracted to your medical aid, we have a standard rate that we will bill, a portion of which the medical aid will reimburse you and a portion not. All patients will have their claims sent to the medical aid electronically by the practice free of charge.

Q: Which medical aids are you contracted to?

This will vary from year to year according to which contracts the practice has signed with the individual medical aids. We are not contracted to CareCross, Primecure or Onecare and all patients on these options will be able to see us as a private patient. Currently, these contracted medical aids include:

  1. Discovery Health – all plans
  2. Discovery Health Keycare plans
  3. Momentum Health Medical Aid
  4. Bankmed Medical Aid
  5. BESTmed Medical Aid (excluding Carecross (Pulse 1) and OneCare (Pulse 2) options)
  6. Profmed Medical Aid
  7. All Discovery Health administered plans (Anglovaal, BMW, LA Health, Naspers, Quatum, Remedi, Retail, Truworths Foschini, Tsogo Sun, University of KZN)
  8. Liberty Medical Aid
  9. Bonitas Medical Aid

Q: Can I request a sick note or script over the telephone without seeing the doctor?

The short answer to this question is no. It is a medico-legal requirement for us to see all patients before issuing a medical certificate and this cannot be done if a patient is not seen.

With regards scripts for medication and antibiotics, these too we will not issue unless a patient has been seen. We believe it is unprofessional to issue medication without seeing a patient and a medico-legal issue we are not prepared to expose ourselves to.

The only scripts that we will issue without seeing a patient is the scripts for ADD and ADHD medication where repeat scripts cannot be issued. This will be at the sole discretion of the treating doctor and they will request a follow up visit every few months to monitor progress on the medication. Please allow at least 24 hours for these scripts before fetching them as they will not be ready on the same day.

Q: How do you bill for follow up visits?

All follow up visits will be billed for in the same way as a standard consultation. The only exception to this is where a procedure like a stitching of a wound, an excision and repair or limb cast has been done. In these cases, the follow up visits are included in the original procedure price.

Q: Do you use ICD10 codes on your bill as requested by the medical aids?

All consultations and procedures are billed for using the standard gazetted codes for billing. This will include all the necessary ICD10 codes as stipulated in the medical schemes act including ICD10 codes.

Q: How long after a consultation can a bill be issued to my medical aid?

Currently most medical aids allow for a period of 120 days between the consultation and the bill being received by them. If this period of time exceeds 120 days they will not pay for the consultation or procedure.